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Wini Labrecque Sorting Class - 7/28/18

July 28, 2018

Cost:  $150.00


Karen Ball





SORTING & GRADING FIBER               Practicality and Benefits

Presented by Wini Labrecque            Star Weaver Farm/SWF Fiber Innovations

Sorting and grading is becoming more prevalent in the industry today. This seminar/workshop will review the practicality of the process on the farm as well as the resulting benefits from doing so. Samples will be presented demonstrating the effect on processing when using sorted/graded fiber.

Join us for a hands-on workshop and rid yourself of the intimidating task of sorting and grading your own fleece for higher yield in processing. Learn the best uses for each grade as well as how to set up your own reference kit. Everyone is expected to work with the fleece during this workshop. This workshop is very involved. It begins with lecture, product review and demonstration. It then moves into hands on training where you will be on your feet for approx 2 hours.

Updated April 03, 2018